Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh goodness...


I'm tired sleepy worn-out totally exhausted!! Seriously! I'm not sure how much more of this craziness I can take.

Yesterday I hung out with my friend Sarah in Modesto. On my way I had to stop and get coffee because I couldn't keep my eyes open while driving! Not good! I swear her and I are the same person! She's pregnant (ok, we're not a like in that So she had a glucose test yesterday, so I met her at the lab and we sat and talked. We talk about everything! In fact, a women we didn't know approached us while we were there and talked about how it was so nice to see two people being so open with each I wonder if she thought we just met each other that morning!? Maybe? Ha ha! Sarah does hair, so she cut my hair (it's CUTE) and I taught her how to make fondant and we baked a cake. Such a nice afternoon!

Today was Jasmine's 8th grade promotion! We got up early, and I curled her hair, got her some Starbucks and took her to school. Then I grabbed some cute, hot pink roses, and headed back over. When we got there, she was sitting in a classroom crying her eyes out. My sister was a no-show. My sister doesn't get along with anyone. She's such a jerk to her kids, which is why I have such an active role in Jasmine's life. A few days ago, Jasmine told her mom that she wanted everyone to get along at her graduation, and asked her to put her stuff aside with her dad and step-mom for one day. Well, my sister said that because she said that, that she was going to come and cause a huge fight and cussed Jasmine out. She couldn't put her child first just once! Well, she ended up not coming at all and Jasmine was pretty torn up about it. Luckily, once I got her all touched up, the crocodile tears were gone and she went out and starting talking to her friends and taking pictures. Everything was fine after that. I hate my sister for it though. I do. I don't mind doing the things for Jasmine that her mom should be doing, I love her like she is my own. I do hate that Jasmine wants a relationship with her so much, and my sister rejects her every single time. I just want to punch her in the I don't get it, I really don't.

I'm going to take a nap now!

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