Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Everything is beautiful!

It's been a good week thus far. Yes, today is only Tuesday, but I have hope for the rest of the week. Things are finally calming down. It's a nice feeling.

Our lawsuit with the city has been settled (!!), and I'm glad to be able to say that we will no longer have any medical debt! Yay!! Neither of us had any debt what-so-ever when we got married, so having bills come that we couldn't pay made Matt and I slightly frustrated. Though I guess there are few people our age that just have $20,000 burning a hole in their pocket for out of control, not covered by insurance,
outstanding medical bills. So back to no debt!! Though our plans to buy a house in the near future will make that feat short-lived... oh well.

Matt and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary Sunday. Well, actually we didn't. It was Mother's day which made it nearly impossible to even go out to dinner without crazy crowds of people. We ended up going to Marie Calendars for brunch with Matt's family. Everything had meat in it, besides the make it to order omelet station. So I had a veggie omelet with pepper jack cheese and it was delightful! Matt and I had some wedding cake topper later and grabbed coffee, but decided we will celebrate more officially in a couple of weekends when we can (hopefully) enjoy a mini vacay! We need it more then you know!

Yesterday, I was able to talk to a good friend on the phone for a couple of hours. She's definitely a kindred spirit. It's nice to know I can be totally real with her, without without fear of judgement. I have few of those kinds of people in my life. I'm thankful for her. So thanks Nik, I needed that!!

The next few weeks will be hectic with Scout starting obedience training, buying a new car, dress shopping for Jasmine's 8th grade promotion, attending her promotion (I'm a proud auntie), Matt trying to get his transfer stuff in, Matt's cousins graduation and again, hopefully getting away for a weekend to ourselves!

After that, I want to start a new ministry thing. I really want to start a ministry to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to needy people. I know that my garden is going to produce more food then we will be able to eat, and I know that many other people have the same issue. So why not share our abundance with people that rarely get fresh, healthy food? More about that later though!

Anyway, Today Matt is off and we're going to take a long walk and play with Scout all day. I'm excited! I love my little family and fur baby!

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