Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I don't have much of a sweet tooth at all. It's rare that I find a sweet treat that I really enjoy. For the last few weeks though, I crave these everyday


Yup, Sonic has an awesome coffee drink. It's espresso and vanilla soft serve. I order the caramel! Yum-o! Of course, I won't buy it too often because I've been SUPER good food-wise (vegetarianism will do that to you). But as an occasional treat, I hope it stays around!

Matt and I had a nice date night last night. First we took Scout (between his daily habits of sleeping and TV watching to Swenson Park in Stockton. 14 mile slue runs behind the park and is perfect for a dog that LOVES to swim. After we wore Scout out ( and he was drenched to the bone), we dropped him off at home, and had dinner at Strings. It's one of our favorites. The best salad and bread around. I (ever so painfully) found out that the soup that I used to love, is made with pork, beef, and chicken broth... sigh. So I opted for the stuffed mushrooms (ignore what I said earlier about being more food-healthy, those things were NOT healthy).

Then we walked around Target for at least an hour. It's fun to walk around. We didn't buy anything, but there is something about walking around that store that is just fun to me. Not only that, but I wanted to see all of the wii games, as Matt is buying me a Wii.. YAY. Yeah! I want to buy used, so hopefully I will be able to find something in good condition!

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Anonymous said...

Wii Bowling is definitely the game to get! So much fun! It has improved my real life bowling skills too!