Monday, May 19, 2008

Take the garage too...

I will be posting this sign Saturday! :-)

Purging is a good thing, right? Ok, I guess unless you have an eating disorder... This Saturday we're having a yard sale at the in-laws place. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE getting rid of things that are no longer useful to us. I don't usually get rid of perfectly good things in exchange for new, I hate waste in all forms, but we have too much stuff and too little space. Even though we're in the housing market, who knows how long it will be before we're in a new house. I can't keep everything until then. I have a nice dining room table, computer stuff, dishes, a futon all kinds of great apartment stuff! If you come and you need some, I'll give you a deal! Saturday 8:00am!

Last night I played two good hours of Internet scrabble. Refreshing! I've been doing all of this studying for my real estate license stuff, so getting a break from that was nice. Had an interesting conversation with the Bro-in-law about grammar. He's an English teacher now, so he loves to try to impress people with his mad grammar skills (funny considering that is what the new blog over at Stuff White People Like is about)

So if I'm not around much this week, is because I've covered in dust trying to sort through all of our stuff. Wish me luck... or send me a gun :-)

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Anonymous said...

Nice sign. Kind of scary though...