Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rained Out...


Who would have known, that after 103 degree temperatures last week, we'd be rained out of our long anticipated garage sale. Frieda and I were chatting away when I felt the first drop, then a study sprinkle as I hurried to cover any electronics. Minutes later the weather-woman on the radio mentioned that there was a 40% chance of rain in our area. Make that 100%, lady! It was ok and we stayed out for a few more hours while it sprinkled on and off. People still came, complimenting me on my brightly colored garage sale signs. Little did I know my husband taped them to street signs, actually covering them. Oops! Good thing we weren't fined!

After all was done, we donated the rest of the items and played Scrabble on PlayStation. I dominated! Good times!

After all of that, Matt needed to pay a visit to the witchy woman across the streets neighbors house. A few months back, Matt borrowed some eggs, and the lady gave them to him in a little plastic bowl. Well, somehow the bowl was misplaced (it wasn't high quality or anything...really) We've looked and looked. So we went and got her a nice new set of bowls because we felt bad about it. So Matt took them over and she wasn't there. So Matt explained to her son and left them with him. 20 minutes later the witch neighbor comes over yelling at Matt about how irresponsible he is and how disappointed she is and yadda yadda. You'd think he had impregnated her daughter or something! I know we lost her bowl, but what do you do when you try to make something right and they don't want to? Oh well. Sometimes you just can't win! Ugh!

Last night, my Hubster got me the coolest Starbucks cup I've ever seen! it looks just like the regular Starbucks cold cup, but it's hard plastic,double insulated 16 oz, screw-top. It's so cool! I saw them in Starbucks like 2 days ago and wanted one. I really like Starbucks coffee, but I hate the amount of waste produced. I have 2 hot cups, but I didn't have a cold one! So Matt ended up buying one for me. The management there had put them out too early, so when we went to get it, they told me they weren't for sale yet. A manager was there though, and when she heard me ask, she rang one up for me! Yay! I love it!

I'm going to the gym today to do some pool running! That's exciting! I've been working out in the pool about 4 times a week and I already feel my knee getting stronger. So pray pray pray pray pray, that I can avoid surgery for now! I really want one of these to make my workout more fun! We'll see though...

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Anonymous said...

Aww man, I can't believe it was rained out!!! Here's to bright, sunshiney days ahead!! :)