Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thanks for the my eye....

It's been far too long since I've blogged. Life gets in the way of all of my intentions most days. Almost every day I intend on doing this, or that. Let’s just say about 99.9% of the time, I fail. :-)

We had an awesome trip to Disneyland a couple of weeks back! We all had a good time, and came back totally exhausted! I still haven't unpacked everything. lol! Then this last week I've been helping with VBS at FBC Lodi. To be honest, it was a little awkward to do ministry, but I actually enjoyed myself. Yesterday was the last day of VBS. I'm actually kind of sad about it. It means I once again have no-where to serve. I feel idle, which I really hate! Lexie and I went to strings yesterday afterwards, which I think took my mind off of my idle hands and onto the fly in my pasta...ugh! :-)

Last night, Matt and I made dinner for Glen and Jani. They had a kitchen flood, the second on in 2 years! Super sad! We had a nice time just hanging out with them. They may have to redo their entire kitchen! We're praying that it will not happen that way! Awful!

Then, we went to Starbucks! We're "regulars" at the Sacramento Road store! :-) Last night, as I waited for my drink, a girl was making someone a Chai (not for me, surprisingly) and somehow the chai got squirted right into my eye! It burned SOOO much! Even this morning, my eye feels dry and irritated. First a fly, then some chai... Oh how interesting my life is!

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