Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Micro-chip anyone?


We took Scout to be micro-chipped today. He was a champ! He was so busy munching down treats that the vet was giving him, that he didn't even notice that a super huge needle was being injected into him. The vet even managed to teach him "shake" in the ten minutes we were there with her. (oh yeah, take your dog to Cherokee Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Karyn is AWESOME!!)

Of course, Matt and I couldn't help but make a few jokes about how our dog now belongs to the Anti-Christ's army. Ha ha! My Mother-in-law won't get her dog chipped because the idea freaks her out. She is a huge lover of the Left Behind books. To be honest, it is a little creepy.

All is well though, and hey we might have to steal his chip one day to buy food...kidding!


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Anonymous said...

My sisters dog is chipped however the owner who got it done is also the owner who abandoned him on a sidewalk in NYC (I can totally see why though b/c the dog is a nut). Glad Scout was a champ when he got chipped!!