Wednesday, December 16, 2009

White Christmas!!

Matt and I have been talking for the last two weeks about going out of town for Christmas. We really need a vacation, and with the amount of family drama going on, we really needed out! We debated between going to a beachy place, or the snow. I've always dreamed of a white Christmas, and Matt thought it would be fun to be in "snow country" too! We started shopping for cabin rentals, and developed a major case of sticker shock! I knew we'd pay, but I had no idea how much we would pay. We got a quote of over $2,000 for two days in a small tahoe cabin...ouch! Most of them were more like $400 per night with a 5 night minimum, which we couldn't do either. I was crushed! So much so that I actually cried!

We were holding onto a glimmer of hope though. I had emailed one person that had a condo she was willing to rent for $100 per night in downtown Truckee over Christmas. However, when I wrote her, she wrote back saying she wanted to rent to someone for more then just two nights Understandable! So I was hoping in my heart that we would still get it. I LOVE truckee. My former youth pastor's family owns a beautiful cabin right on Donner Lake, and we had many retreats there. I fell in love with the little town. Donner lake, hiking up to the abandoned railroad tunnels, the historic downtown strip complete with an old fashioned ice cream shop, the tiny little theater that's kind of reminiscent of the old Lodi "Sunset" theater. I experienced my first snowfall there. It's lovely.

So tonight, I checked my email. To be honest, sort of drededly. Family drama has spilled into my inbox as of recent, so I never know what I'm going to find! Lo and behold, an email from the condo owner saying she couldn't rent it out, and asked if we are still interested! Um, YES! She asked me to call her-- but it's too late tonight. God willing though, we will be out of here for Christmas! Well, actually even if this fell through, we would be out of here-- staying with friends, or at a hotel. Oh, and I almost forgot the best part, we get to bring Scoutie! I know it seems silly, but he's a member of our family. Plus, I know he'll love the snow!

Joy has welled up in my soul, and I can go to bed tonight not stressed about the holidays, but blessed because our prayers were answered! I can;t even describe in words how great I feel right now! :-)

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