Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Sciarinis' Meet The Duggars'

I'll admit it, years ago, I saw a preview for a special about this family from Arkansas with 16 Children and thought "what are they thinking?". I was confused by the idea of having so many children, I was curious as to how they paid for it all, I wondered what it would be like for a child in such a large family, and in a way, I wanted to spend a day in there house, see what things are like without cameras (I think I still do!). Not that I thought there was anything "wrong" happening, but to see how it all worked in "real life". So I watched the show, and my curiosity turned to admiration. It was there that my respect for the Duggar family began.

Now most of you know that my family situation growing up was the exact opposite of the Duggar family. I had my mom, dad, and an older half-sister. My mom was emotionally abusive and never said a nice thing to me, my dad just sat there and watched it all happen, and my sister was really out of control. There was no protection, there was no love, and Jesus was a foreign concept. I don't know why God pulled me out of that. I don't know why he had such provision over my life. All I know is that He did, and I'm thankful for it! However, I really believe that God put this desire in my heart from a young age to have a close-nit family. That is one of the things that really drew me to the Duggars. They just seem so loving. I secretly wished my family was more like that. I bet even the harshest critics of the Duggar family have the same secret!

Anyway, fast forward to last week. I was driving by
The Home Church on my way into Stockton, and saw a sign saying the Duggars' would be speaking at their church. I was excited! Now working in radio for the past 4 years, I've met a lot of "Stars". I've never been Starstruck. People are people, and it takes a lot to impress me. But my heart did flutter a bit when I found out!

So, last night I was going to end up going alone because my poor husband had a severe headache (it's been a trend between us it recent days!). Well, a few minutes before I was going to leave, Matt was feeling better so he came with. I have some friends from that church, so I didn't feel too uncomfortable going. We got a close seat, and things got started. I must say, there are people that look totally different on TV. Not Jim Bob or Michelle Duggar! They look pleasant, and very approachable. The chuch had been accepting questions weeks before. They were asked the normal questions like "How do you find time to spend with each of your children?", and "how do you handle discipline?". It wasn't the answers that stood out to me, but the heart behind their answers. They truly love Jesus and really want the very very best for their children.

Michelle's heart impresses me. She takes her job to "train up her children" very seriously. Jim Bob impresses me in the way that he is so obviously the spiritual leader of their household. They were more then adamant in admitting that they are not perfect, and that they've had times where they had to ask forgiveness from their children. That they don't have all of the answers. That their children misbehave. Their hearts were ones of humility, and always pointing back to Jesus.

When they were finished, most people left, and there was a small group hanging around. I wanted a picture (just to add to this blog, actually!!) so we waited until they weren't overly crowed, and they proceeded to the stage. There were two young girls (probably not older then about 12) and I overheard one girl say to Jim Bob "I only want 3 or 4 kids-not 18!". I smiled at the frankness of this girl and leaned over and said "You might change your mind one day." Jim Bob jumped in and said "You should consider letting God decide the size of your family!". Then Jim Bob introduced himself to us with a friendly hello and a strong handshake. We told him that we watch the show, and he let us know about an upcoming episode about a trip to the Ken Hamm Creation Museum. We talked about how awesome it was that it was going to be played on the Discovery Channel. I mentioned that I admired his family, and asked if they new the gender of baby 18. He told me, but I'm not sure if they're doing a special about it, so I'll leave that out! Another person wanted a picture, so we moved out of the way. After that picture, we jumped in and ask if we could have one quickly too, and I mentioned I didn't want to be "That person that wants their picture taken with the Duggars', but that I wanted it for my blog." Jim Bob said "Oh you're a blogger!? I've always wanted to meet a blogger. You probably spend too much time on the computer!" (with a smile, not in a judging way at all!) I replied "You're right, I do!". However I wanted to say "Jim Bob, you have NO idea!!" Ha ha!

Then we met Mama Bear herself, Michelle! I was like "I don't know how you do it, but I admire you for it!", and mentioned that I really look up to her. Again, I was impressed by how friendly and down to earth she is! I mentioned that she needs to start an internship program at her house! She quickly mentioned that she is "still trying to figure it all out". We only talked for a few minutes, but I let with an even deeper respect then I had for them before. They are so real, and down to earth, and loving. I don't understand their critics. My life and standards are different from the Duggars'. I am still on the fence about the birth control thing (another blog for another day), we have, and watch a TV. But maybe it is all a matter of "His ways are not our ways". and that Matt and I need to examine our hearts and God's word to find out exactly what we believe about those things. In the end though, if we decide that we are in God's will now, then I'll still have a tremendous amount of respect for this family.

They are doing another session tonight, and I'm eager to here their life story. So tomorrow, I'll post blog "The Duggars', Night 2". I'm excited!


Anonymous said...

Did you attend the Session 2 of Meet the Duggars? I think that's so cool that you got to meet them & that they were so friendly. They seem like the exact opposite of Jon & Kate.

Sarah said...

They made a connection with a pastor here, and the church flew them out (Just Jim Bob and Michelle, the kids stayed behind).

I stopped watching Jon and Kate.