Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama is the winner!

Now, most people that read my blog are Christians. I don't like to offend anyone,but I think Christians need to stop complaining about Obama, and start living like the people of faith we are suppose to be! We can cry, and whine and throw a fit about it, or we can stand thankful that we live in a free nation, thankful that God has a plan for it, and hopeful for a brighter future.

Today I don't cower, or fear the next 4 (or even 8) years. I'm excited that God has amazing plans for our nation! I'm praying for Obama, not against him! I'm praying that God would move him in the White House, I'm praying that God will help him make the right decisions, I'm praying that God would move in his marriage, and limit the stress on his family. I'm praying that God is going to do a work through him!
Will you join me in praying for our new leader? It doesn't matter how you feel about him! I'm excited to see what the next 4 years bring. Not because I'm a huge fan of Obama, but because I know God has a plan!

"My first allegiance is not to a flag, a country, or a man. my first allegiance is not to democracy or blood. It's to a King & a Kingdom" - Derek Webb "King & a Kingdom"

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