Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My sad week.

Can I just say right now that last week was awful? I've been suffering from endless migraines, doctors appointments, blood work and all of that fun. I can't even sit in church without getting one. We have this projector that projects different patterns onto the wall during the service, and it triggers a migraine every Sunday. Looks cool though :-)

Then, we found out that we couldn't keep Lanie (the pit bull we rescued and tried to find a new home for). So we had to take her to the SPCA. Actually, I didn't. I couldn't bring myself to do it. Matt went with our friend Nikki because technically you have to be a resident of placer county, and there is not an SPCA here , and any other shelter would euthanize her because she's a pit bull. So Nikki used her address for us, which made us feel better knowing that they wouldn't kill her for no good reason. Anyway, that was really hard and I spent the better of two days in tears. In fact, when Matt came back from dropping her off, he was in tears too. It was awful! We were really attached. We kept thinking that maybe we'd find a house, and then be able to keep her. Of course, that didn't happen. She has a better chance now though. really!

We stopped in Sacramento on the way back home hoping a visit to The California State Fair would cheer us up. It did a little. I love the sight and sounds and smells of the fair. We even witnessed the birth of piglets in the animal nursery. Matt wasn't impressed, but I think birth is amazing.

Last week wasn't all bad. one good thing is that our good friend Jonathan came home from London for a visit. It's good to see him, and to be honest, we needed something good to look forward to. It's nice to have him back, except that he leaves again next week and I really hate saying goodbye. I've always hating saying goodbye. But we'll leave next week to next week and live in this week. I'm just glad to be living this week, and am very glad I don't have to relive last week.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that last week was so sad & that you had to part with your puppy friend. Happy to hear that he/she (can't remember its gender) is in a no kill shelter though! Hope your having a happy week!!