Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Last blog as a 25 year old...

(this picture made me smile today!)

Time seems to be escaping me! No, I'm not having a mid-life (or mid-mid-life) crisis or anything of the sort, but I feel like the last 5-7 years have flown by.I'm about to turn 26, Matt and I will be celebrating our 5th year together in Oct, my "little" niece just started high-school, and almost all of my friends are married with children...crazy! I remember being a dumb teenager that wanted time to speed up so she could get married and have kids and be an adult, and now that I'm here I'm trying to slow down. Funny how that works!

All in all though, as I reflect back onto another year, all I can say is that God has had so much provision over my life. I think back to the childhood from hell, and wonder how in the world I turned out semi alright. I see so clearly how God picked me up and called me His and took me out of situations I couldn't have escaped alone. While I still have the lingering issues that were a result of years of emotional abuse (anxeity being the most major) God has healed me in unimaginable ways!

My life as a whole is wonderful! I have an amazing husband that encourages me to follow my dreams, who supports me in every goal, cares for me, and loves me for exactly who I am and what I'm not. I have awesome friends, I'm healthy apart form one stupid thyroid issue (and tennis elbow...lol!), I have a roof over my head and that head is full of dreams, and ideas, and thoughts about life that very few will ever know, I have beautiful secrets, a mess of a past, and more hope for the future then I could put into words. My life is grand. Maybe not by the standards of the world, but even on my worst of days, I'm so immensely blessed that I can't deny who my father is!

So on this day, my last as a 25 year old, all I can say is that I'm whole-heartedly looking forward to the next 25 years, and am so excited to see what God has in store. I'm excited about growing in my friendships, and growing old with my husband. I can't wait to experience all of the things that life throw at us because it's all a part of living, and while I know that things can get ugly, I also know that God has plans for me... for us!

So here's to the last 25 years! May the next be even more richly blessed as God unfolds them!


nikki said...

You are such a good writer!! Reading your thoughts made me cry!! It is neat to read some of the things from your heart although you really should tell the truth about Matt though. Its ok to tell people how it REALLY is. J/K

Sarah said...

No crying! :-)

I have to lie on my blog about Matt being great! You know if I didn't people would be sending us tickes to "Fireproof" and putting us on the prayer chain...J/K!