Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun Food Friday, Sunday Edition.

There are many things I love about Autumn (I normally say "fall" but Jonathan informed me that in England they only say Autumn, so I'm going to try to be Englandy) My Birthday, For instance is usually the first full day of Autumn. I love cooler weather, I love the change of leaves, Halloween (or "harvest" depending on how Christian you are...), thanksgiving, rain, the anticipation that Christmas is coming soon, and pretty much everything that comes with the season.

There is one thing that I REALLY love though, and this year I got to have it slightly sooner then anyone else...

If you're a huge Starbucks fan, Like me, then you might already know this, but....
The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back!! Yay!! :-)

After a trip to IKEA, my friend Nikki and I headed to Starbucks. Well, I had heard a radio commercial that mentioned the PSL and after that had an insatiable desire to consume one. So, I begged the barista (through drive-thru speaker) to make me one a week earlier then they come out. He wouldn't crack. He informed me that they had everything to make them, but weren't allowed to. That is so wrong! If you have the stuff, just make it! Ugh!!

I was finally able to get someone to crack and make me one a few days early at my local store. While I would love to say it was my unique power of persuasion, I'm quite sure I came off super annoying, and she just wanted me to shut-up. Whatever, I got my drink! And I tipped her accordingly! Let me just say right now


It smelled and tasted of autumn and my stomach turned into a hot pit of sugary goodness.


So, if you haven't partaken in your first PSL of the season. Go now!! You won't be disappointed!

Next Starbucks release I'm looking forward to - Gingerbread Latte! Peppermint Mocha is the best Christmas drink, but you can order one anytime. I save those for December, and December only!

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Anonymous said...

YUM, Here I come Starbucks! In all actuality I have never tried one of those exclusive autumn drinks but just thinking about Starbucks makes me want to go there!!