Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why I think YOU should blog!

To me, blogging keeps community in my life. It's nice to know how other people are doing, and what is going on. I read about things I can pray for, and ask about. I learn the views of others which causes me to question my own views and why I believe what I do (something I believe to be very healthy). I feel like I get a glimpse into the lives of friends.

Also, blogging is fulfilling. I get to journal out things that I'm feeling. I get to share something I think is funny. I get to be honest about my life. I hope that causes others to feel like they can be honest too. I think I'm pretty nice, but I'm not a sugar-coater. I'm sure most people know that. I think that honesty liberates others to be honest as well.

So if you don't blog, try it out! You've got nothing to lose, and rest assured that at least ONE person will probably read (that would be me, of course!!)

Just do it! :-)
And when you do, let me know!!

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Jamie Stavenger said...

OK, ok...I'll BLOG! You can find me at :)