Thursday, August 21, 2008

Last 5 songs on my Zune...


5. Rush Of Fools - We All
4. Yellowcard - Light Up The Sky
3. Tyrone Wells - Sea Breeze
2. Ryan Cabera - In My Life
1. Justin Nozuka - After Tonight

What about you?


Nathan McInturf said...

as crazy as this may seem, I don't listen to music off my iPod. Mostly just iTunes on my computer. How about the last 5 albums?

1. Underoath: Kaleidoscope (album preview on purevolume)
2. Jadon Lavik: Roots Run Deep
3. Chase: Shine Through the Stars
4. Blake Aaron Guthrie - Love in Different Lights (album download free on
5. Soular: Love Crash Heal

Sarah said...

Me too, except on Zune software, not itunes... :-)

I listen to my Zune mostly in the car, blasted way too loud, singing at the top of my lungs (and we all know I have limited voice talent, so that's more of a public service type deal to have it up loud!!).

Makes for good conversation for the passengers in cars around me though!