Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Political parties and Cheesecake...

My name is Sarah, and I'm not a Republican. While I am fairly Conservative, I don't like the commitment to one party, so I consistently register as an independent. Well, two weeks ago, I was approached outside of a store to sign a petition. I informed the man that U was sure I had already signed this particular one, but he informed me that some stipulation had been ignored and that they needed people to sign again. So I'm signing, and then he said needed one more signature "for it to count", so I gladly signed. Then he asked me if i want to be registered as a Republican. Unbeknownst to me, he was registering me to vote. I've been meaning to register in Lodi, as I'm registered in Stockton. I didn't think I would essentially be register-raped. Yup, that's what I said. This man was registering me against my will or knowledge. Ugh.

Not being one to like confrontation, I assured myself that it's something I had wanted anyway. So I answered "actually, I'm an independent voter, and would like to be registered as an independent!". He apparently didn't like my answer, as he proceeded to argue with me for the next 5 minutes about registering as a Republican. His argument was a suicidal one, as he claimed it didn't matter how you registered, to which I answered "OK, then I would like to be registered as an independent!". Finally, he said OK, and I went on my way.

Fast forward to yesterday. I receive my registration confirmation in the mail. How am I registered? As a Republican! I cannot tell you how angry this makes me. I want to complain, but who would I complain to? I just hate it when people can't just respect the views of others.

In fun news, A few girls and I made the trek to Sacramento to The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Lexie's 20th birthday last night. We had some funny, and interesting conversations. I opted out of cheesecake to enjoy a huge piece of Carrot cake. Can you say "Yum"? I love it! It was a nice time!

Oh, one more thing. My computer is BROKEN!!! So if I'm not in contact as much as usual, it's because I have limited computer time until my laptop gets fixed (which should be VERY soon!!),

Peace be with you! :-)


Nathan McInturf said...

Hey Sarah: Yeah, I feel like I've been dealing with issues where I have a problem but no ability to contact somebody to get help or get it fixed. It drives me mad when stuff like that happens because you feel so tricked. By the way, what's wrong with your computer?

Sarah said...

Exactly! I have a call into the voter commission for San Joaquin and am going to file a complaint. Hopefully they fix it. I have a feeling I'm not the only one that is upset about it!

My computer just wouldn't start up one day. It said "No operating system found". I think my hard drive is dead, which is awful because I had just uploaded some pictures and didn't get around to backing them up right away, so I'm hoping I can still get things off of my hard drive... oy!