Thursday, January 1, 2009

First blog of the year...

Matt and I rang in the new year partying it up at a friend's wedding (Congrats Blythe and Jason!!!). Lots of music, good food and dancing! Besides that fact that Matt and I were followed/watched all night by some of our favorite people (note sarcasm, it was seriously strange), it was a good time had by all! We played a game at our table to win the centerpiece, and I won. It's a giant balloon with a heap of smaller balloons attached. While it's beautiful, I tried to pawn it off on others all night to no avail. So we brought it home. We're trying to figure out what funny thing we could do with! Of couse, Matt is sick, and running a fever today, so he may have partied a little to hard last night.

I'm looking forward to the coming year! 2009 is going to bring lots of changes to the Sciarini house, all of which I'm pretty excited about. One is Matt going back to school. That is both exciting, and a bit nerve wrecking. Because the economy, my freelance work has been pretty slow. It's not too awful, but I'm thinking I need to get some sort of regular part time job to go along with it. Of course, the job market here is awful (the unemployment rate for our county is 12%...yuck!), but I'm sure I could swing something. I've even thought about working at Starbucks part time. I mean, why not? All of my other under-employed friends with degrees work! I just know if I stop my freelance work completely to get a "real" job, then I'll have to re-establish a client base if I ever want to go back to freelance (like when we decide to have kids) Because Matt is looking at 6+ years of school. If we wait to have kids until he is finished, that puts me at 32 before we start having babies (and Matt and I want a large-ish family). I'm in no rush, but I don't want to wait that long! I just know we'll want the extra income.

The other big one is possibly moving to a different town. We've both decided that we don't want to live super far away, but both want the chance to move away from what we've always known. We can always come back. We feel like we never really had much of a chance to establish ourselves apart from this place (not to mention we both have interesting family drama that we tend to have to take on ourselves). We just want to do our own thing for awhile, with less expectation from everyone. Not to mention we would love to find a new church where we can serve wholeheartedly. I don't think it's wrong, or selfish. Of course, because I tend to feel guilty about everything I do that could even remotely result in my own benefit, it took me some time to get there. But I'm positive I'm there!

I've also decided to keep on with my veggie/mostly organic lifestyle. I don't know how I lived any other way. The difference in the way I look, and feel is enough for me. My thyroid levels even tend towards the normal side without medication, which is awesome. Not to mention, I feel like I'm doing something good on the behalf of mistreated animals, and the health of the earth. However, this year I want to get more creative with my meals, and try to phase out more animal products. Even though Matt still eats meat on occasion, he is super supportive of my changes, and is totally cool with meatless meals, as long as they taste good. I've been really hesitant about even mentioning my food choices, because the majority of people in my life that have had negative reactions. It always strikes me as odd when people get defencive about the meat thing. I always tell people that what they put in their bodies (or choose not to) is a very personal thing. Unless there is some sort of eating disorder, I don't think it is of anybodies concern. I don't expect people to have a meatless meal for me at dinner, I don;t expect people to abstain from meat when they're with me, I don't tell people to become vegetarians, because it's not my place. so please, if you eat meat, know we're still good and I don't at all judge you. It's about your personal level of conviction. You never have to be defensive. I'll step off of my soapbox now...

Anyway, here's to 2009! Woohoo! Can you believe how fist time goes by? Crazy!

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