Saturday, April 19, 2008

Here we go again...

"All them lions, they can eat my body, but they can't swallow my soul no, no, no. But they keep on trying to crash my party but they can't get control, no, no."

This band is a long-time fave of mine. They sound funny, but they speak the truth. On days like today I listen to them a lot, and am always encouraged.

Why today? Something suspicious is going on. I have this God-given 6th sense called the gift of vision. I don't have visions, but I am extremely perceptive and can see things that others might not realize. I often see trouble before anyone else (which gets me into trouble sometimes). I can tell you within the first few minutes of meeting someone if I can trust them. Right now, I feel it in my soul that something is a little fishy.


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