Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy 1 year Matt!!

Ok, not so "Happy" but the first way major incident we survived as a married couple was Matt being attacked by a police dog. Here are some pictures (If you're squeamish, it's not too bad, but you may not want to scroll down...)

This is dodger, the actual dog that attacked Matt! Scary!!

Here is the damage (above), a deep puncture wound that was deep into muscle tissue!

Several punctures and lacerations. They had to put one stitch in to close it a bit, but normally don't stitch dog bites because of bacteria!

I will just say, the whole thing was awful! It forced me to live up to the vow i made "In sickness and in health" because let me tell you, he could hardly walk, and was in pain. Also we were so worried about our insurance not covering it (they didn't, we had to sue the city of Lodi for damages, something we didn't want to do, but were forced to do, sadly). So the attack, the hours and hours of hospital visits, injections because of a developing infection, losing his job because of his injury, and thousands of dollars in medical bills later, he's almost totally better. It still hurts now and then, and the scars are crazy! For the most part though, he's good!

It was bad, but we had the support of family and friends, and God blessed both of us in so many ways. I thank God that it wasn't worse then it was. He could have been seriously injured when the dog pulled him from his bike, he could have been bitten on the face, or neck causing very very serious injury...crazy. We're just both so thankful that he is okay, and our relationship survived it's first major bump! So heres to a year later!

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Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious I remember this happening like it was yesterday. Not the most exciting event to remember but I'm glad Matt is back on track & you've survived the year since the accident.