Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm feeling better then I did in my last post. I notice that when I take a break from our insane families, that I feel much much better. Matt and I have been spending extra time together, and it really does help. Because we've had so much on our plates lately, it seems like the only time we see each other is when we crawl into bed at night. It's getting better though, we just have to make sure we're taking the time to just relax with one another.

So last weekend we took a few trips to Lodi Lake so Scout could swim (he loves it!), and took some long walks. We got Chinese food, watched movies, and slept in. It was lovely. Not to mention, we've really needed the extra rest! Matt has taken up running, and can run quite fast. I think he feels more relaxed after he runs, plus it's good for him, so I'm glad! Then yesterday, we got up early for Sunday School, which we've just recently started going, and are doing the series "vintage Jesus" which I love! Then went to "big church" for worship, and left before the sermon... ;-0 we were both feeling a little bit ADD, and had to get out of there! Then we headed over to Vine and Branches for their grand re-opening. After that, we went to Lowe's, and picked up all of our gardening stuff, and planted our veggie garden. It was a great weekend, and I'm glad to be able to say I'm feeling refreshed! Being outside always makes me feel good!

Hopefully the "relaxed" trend continues for at least a little while before the next storm hits!

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