Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It's been a good week. Last weekend I house-sat for some good friends, and even though I had to work Saturday, it was a nice little staycation! I'm one of those people that can go and go for a long time, but I need my time to do nothing but sleep and watch the Food Network, too! (BTW, anyone watching NFNS?? Team Aarti!!) I missed my dog, so it was nice to get back home. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy being sloth-like for about 24 hours! I also got to hang out with Jenny-- which is always fun/wonderful! She makes me laugh, and if you know me, you know laughing is about my most favorite thing ever! I love laughing, making others laugh, watching other people laugh-- I'm a laugh-a-holic! :-)

I'm finally getting the hang of things at my new job, which is nice too! Have I talked about my new job here? I'm working at a veterinary hospital in Tracy. I still have side projects going, which is good-- I like the variety! The first month at the new job was really hard. I love animals, and have had a million different animals growing up, but as far as the medical side, I'm pretty clueless! So the steep learning curve paired with not being able to keep my emotions in check (I was crying every time an animal had to be euthanized) didn't make for a great situation at first. Now I actually like going. I'm catching on, and while I still cry everyday, I'm not as much of a mess as I was. Of course, I did have someone ever-so-sweetly (not) tell me (on facebook) that I'm "wasting my education". Nice, huh? To which I replied "That depends on how you define education. I don't think it stops when you graduate. Do you?" I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud of my comeback-- I was! I'm happy, I'm always working on writing projects, I try my best at what I do, and that makes me happy.

This next weekend Matt and I are headed to Monterey for a little whale watching adventure! I've never been, so I'm pretty excited. I love the ocean, and I really love ocean life, so it's a perfect day trip. I should also mention I get to take my dog-- which makes me really happy! Now we're praying for no sea-sickness (I'm prone to motion sickness, but I've been out to sea a few times and was fine) and nice weather! Can't wait!

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