Thursday, December 13, 2007


I love the Internet. It opens me up to a world of information that I would not have otherwise. Matt and I have been thinking a lot about organic living. Now, even though this is a growing trend, most people don't understand that the benefits are not just for us, but for the health of the earth as well. I firmly believe that the rise in cancers and other diseases is a direct cause and effect from what we eat. Hormones and pesticides are killing us and are contaminating the earth. We're growing our food with poison...

There are a lot of Christians that believe we can rape the earth of it's resources because of the return of Christ and that we might not be here very long. I say that is a very poor way to treat something that God created for us. I want to tread lightly on earth. I don't want the generations that follow me to have asthma and cancers harder to treat then the ones we already have because Christ "might" return before then.

I want a garden more then anything. Gardens are simple. You plant a seed in the ground and you water it and it grows. No need for fertilizer or weed killers. I want home grown tomatoes and carrots and zucchini. I want healthy foods you can eat without worrying what you're putting into your body.

I have to say, Matt and I are starting off very slowly in trying to live more organically. One reason is because we live in an apartment. No room for a garden. :-( Plus it is more expensive and with just starting out, we don't have the budget. However, we do buy free-range organic eggs, Hormone free, organic milk -- though we ran out and Matt had to buy what s-mart had, not organic (!!) Oh well, we're trying right! We have lots of fruit stands, so I try to buy locally grown produce as much as I can. Sometimes even though it's not "certified" organic, things are still grown using organic methods -- with compost and good watering, not chemicals. We occasionally find deals on organic meat, but we don't eat a lot of meat. I make almost everything vegetarian. Matt doesn't care as long as it tastes good. I am making chicken and rice soup for dinner tonight though...

I'll be posting more about organic living later :-)

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