Sunday, June 10, 2012


We never know what kind of curve balls life is going to throw our way. It's for the best, I believe. I'm one that finds comfort in preparedness. I imagine if I knew what was coming 'round the bend my life would be both exceedingly boring, and relentlessly tiresome. It would also leave zero room for growth. While the unknown is always a concern, I couldn't imagine not being able to live out the journey. I want to breathe it in, and taste it on my lips. The good, the bad, the hard. I am so in awe of this road that I have been given the opportunity to take.

So many people are looking for their identity. They're searching for their place, for significance, for some kind of contribution. A way to not be forgotten. I think that people are searching so intensely that they forget the simple times they do this by just living a good life. In Christ, we have been given the freedom to simply live. We don't have to be perfect, we don't have to beat ourselves up, we don't have to worry about what the next turn is going to bring. He's got us. I can't even describe every impossible situation that I have been in that he has picked me up and rescued me from. It's why my belief is so strong. He has always taken care of me. Even in my shame, and ugliness. Even when things were going well, and I went and screwed the whole thing up, he has been there. Even when I'm in a dark place, and question my very existence, He is there. I am a perfect example of a person living under the umbrella of His grace.

Regardless of anything I'm going through, my only true goal is to live a good life. To be more of a help then a hindrance. To simply be love to the people around me. Even when they are impossible to love. Even when I'm tired. Even when I'm struggling with all those voices in my head that are telling me I'm not enough. To live in harmony and community whenever I have the choice, and to pray and reflect when I don't or it gets hard. And you know what? I think that's ok.

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smoore said...

this like exactly describes what i've been learning all this year. thank you so much! :)